Live Radio on 21.05.2021 for Passage via Cashmere Radio

Radio is not a place, but it is hap­pen­ing from places. We invit­ed peo­ple to vis­it us for 5 min­utes, man­i­fest pres­ence and leave.

Lis­ten to the broad­cast here

With: Merve, Natalia Aceve­do-Fer­reira, Ola Zielińs­ka, Hele­na Otto, Andreea Bel­lu, Seçil Yersel/ Oda Pro­je­si,
Jens Mentrup/KM, DJ Schlucht and var­i­ous pass-byers on Mehring­plaz

DA could mean there or yes and we use it here for a mobile radio sit­u­a­tion when radio to hear is also there to see.

DA becomes the epi­cen­ter of the Radio, Radio leans on DA when it is look­ing for its own goal, to be there.

DA is now to see, acces­si­ble and approach­able, but meant to dis­turb pos­i­tivism rather than to enforce it.

The Radio of DA is based on a few ele­ments: pres­ence, inter­ac­tion, mobil­i­ty, maybe life itself used in a hack­ing-real­i­ty man­ner.

Radio of DA is sup­posed to touch peo­ple with mun­dane top­ics in a form which speaks very eas­i­ly about the fact that we are on air, that is easy there and we stay focused to cre­ate pres­ence togeth­er.

DA is also a per­for­ma­tive act of cre­at­ing a sur­pris­ing pres­ence in pub­lic space.